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Exclusive Gift of a Lifetime

Bored of the usual gifts  - Pens, coffee mugs, frames and wallets?

Not sure of what to gift your loved one on that special occasion?

Then how about delighting them with a unique piece of Art/Poetry, creatively expressed exclusively for them. They will call it as a ‘A Gift of Lifetime’! 


All you have to do is share your story via a call, text or an email and our creative expressionist will take care of the rest. She would express it in the form of a painting or a letter/poem for your special someone, with the story you have shared.


Painting will be on a canvas board, and poetry will be written on a card, wrapped and sent to your beloved. There can be more creative elements in terms of surprises like delivering the poetry in a bottle, or using different kinds of mediums like wood, calligraphy, and other stationery to make it more crafty as a final product.

Your story and conversations will be confidential and the artwork/poetry will be copyrighted to you.

Provide your details here to book that special gift!

Little Girl with Christmas Present
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