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It has been a long journey, since childhood, to realize that I am a

"Creative Expressionist"

and the exploration still continues.


 Art is not merely a hobby for me. Art  ports me to my own world of expression, where I explore layers after layers inside me, amazed by the mysticism each time.

I have always enjoyed exploring the world of unknowns -

where my emotions, fear, passion, memories, hopes, dreams are lying under the bed of a silent ocean.


Painting allows me to dive into this world of myriad possibilities, where i can go with the flow, make choices, create, recreate, wipe, scrape, till I feel its complete.

 Writing few poetic lines with every painting, captures everything I feel. These lines transform the abstraction to some form of realism and I feel more connected and satisfied! 

In the whole process, my mind becomes calm. I get to learn one more new dimension about myself, and open up to be part of something much bigger than me.

It feels pure bliss!




I grew up in a small township, Kankroli, in Rajasthan, known as

“The Land of Kings”.

My childhood was filled with rich cultural traditions reflecting the ancient Indian way of life.

The colorful ghaghras, beautiful mojris, bandhni prints, the ghoomar, intricate art works -

All fascinated me towards art.


The society with high cultural values and historic belief systems,

all inspired me to question & think beyond.

All throughout, I could see myself and others evolving with changing times, entering a world of

Freedom and Expression.  


Though, I did not get a chance to pursue any professional degree in Art, and like many others, I opted for Engineering, which was treated as a balanced profession for women.


But, Art always had a special place in my heart and I saw myself noticing it as first thing, everywhere I went.




Working as a full time IT professional with Tech giants, I can only engross myself in art, during peaceful late nights and weekends.

My baby steps in this journey has resulted in:


A wide range of Art works  

spanning across many themes/subjects

(realism, abstractions, nature, women, emotions, spiritual etc.)

in variety of mediums

(oil, water, acrylic, pencil, pen, charcoal, crayons etc. on canvas, paper, wood, glass, walls).



I have exhibited these art works across various cities in private exhibitions, along with live art performances. and participated in many public art events like Artville Wall Art, Bengaluru Art Festivals etc.



Many walls are alive with various commissioned art works for both, individuals & organizations.



 While exploring my entrepreneurial journey, I founded  dare2paint, bringing art to masses, through many corporate & public art events/paint parties.


My poetic expression has taken a new turn now, with not just writing but also as spoken words recital at many events.


Journey continues...

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